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Here I will share stories behind my music, will be posting pictures, upcoming concerts, or brief articles about my music. Follow my blog to stay updated about any tour dates and new releases.

IL MARE Top11 album on Enlightened Piano Radio

It has been a great joy and honor that my album IL MARE is listed to be top 11 at the Enlightened Piano Radio recordings for October 2019, as reported to the ZONE MUSIC REPORTER chart. Congratulations also to my colleagues for their top 20 listing – especially congrats to my friend Andrew James Johnson!

Warm Impressions from Snjezana Maretic

Dear Antonija, I listened to [Il Mare ablum] with my husband… It is music for wakening and as a lullaby, for listening with closed eyes, connected hands, emotional and subtle, rich, yet stripped to the core, minimalistic but glorious in its expression, feels right at the first hearing, waiting eagerly to listen to it again and again… Big LIKE from both of us

Draga Antonija, poslusala sam sa suprugom [Il Mare]… Glazba za budjenje i uspavljivanje, za slusanje zatvorenih ociju, spojenih ruku, emotivna i suptilna, bogata, a opet ogoljena do srzi, jednostavna a velicanstvena u izricaju, sjeda na prvo slusanje, cekajuci nestrpljivo nova preslusavanja…
Big like, od oba 💕

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Snjezana!

Profound Emotional Experience by Jody

“The first time I listened to “Il Mare” I was doing reiki. Antonija’s music calmed our souls. While listening I received a tremendous emotional experience and at one point tears were rolling down my cheeks. Her music seemed to draw pictures in my mind. I absolutely loved it! Thank you for your talent as a song writer and for your music!” XX Jody Hekela

Dear Jody, thank you very much from my heart for your deeply felt emotions in my music and for sharing your experience with me (and for allowing me to publish your kind words here)!


“Floating” on Whisperings Radio Spotify Playlist (no. 7)

Solo Piano favorites from Whisperings Radio playlist on Spotify. Topping the playlist this week with music from Matthew Mayer, Gary Girouard, Steven C. Anderson, Craig Urquhart, Amy Janelle, Joe Bongiorno and Antonija Pacek. “Floating” is no. 7 on the playlist. Enjoy, share, and write me some impressions!

New Video on YouTube

Check out my new video from Auditorium concert in Rome on YouTube, featuring “Before the Storm” and “Forgive” from my IL MARE album. Don’t forget to subscribe on my YouTube channel.

Master Class with Gabriel Yared

I have got an amazing master class session by Gabriel Yared as a part of Film Music Symposium in Vienna. Mr. Yared shared his experience with film composing very generously and authentically. Films like English Patient and Betty Blue would not be the same without Mr. Yared’s beautiful music. Feeling very grateful!

Magic Evening with Lenka and Rade Serbedzija

An unforgettable and magic concert with Matej Mestrovic and Matthew Mayer on the island of Brijuni on Aug. 12th. The evening was full of surprises, to get a warm welcome from our living legend, Rade Serbedzija and sincere words of congratulations from Lenka and Rade after our concert, as well as to enjoy the dinner with them and their lovely daughter Mimi, were certainly surreal. I will cherish the memory of this evening forever!

Concert at Lafodia on Lopud

A memory on my concert at Lafodia on the island of Lopud (the second concert during this summer on Lopud). Thank you Valentina for the captured moment after the concert.

Valentina Mekovec is a soprano opera singer and my music connected us during that evening. She wrote on her FB page: “Yesterday evening I enjoyed a wonderful performance of the beautiful artist Antonija Pacek. The passion of composing and performing her own music is unbelievable. It was such a pleasure to meet you and thank you for touching our hearts.”

CLASSIC FM radio in UK broadcasts ALOFT

Today I got an email from Amy from the Classic FM radio that “Aloft” from “IL MARE” album will be broadcast. First broadcasting will be on July 29th, on Smooth Classics soundworld program. I feel very honored and grateful.

10th Anniversary of my music on Whisperings Radio

Dear David,

thank you for believing in me, supporting me and for broadcasting my music during the last 10 years. Feeling very honoured and grateful!

Photo – David Nevue, founder of Whisperings Radio in USA

Double J Music Spotify playlist

Double J Music placed my song “Before the Storm” from Il Mare album on their Songs for Studying Spotify playlist. Thank you Jonathan Kinnear.

Solo Piano Music Spotify playlist

Solo Piano music playlist on Spotify included my composition, INSPIRATION, on their beautiful solo piano playlist. Thank you Matthew Mayer!

Whisperings Radio broadcasting IL MARE

Today Whisperings Radio in USA (owned and managed by David Nevue) started broadcasting six of my songs from the latest album IL MARE – Before the Storm, The Sea, Aloft, Late Fall, Viva Life and Worth Living for. All these songs can be enjoyed on the major streaming platforms as well.

Feeling grateful!

Corriere Nazionale – Toscana: “Music in Garden”

Hotel 500 presents: ‘Music in the Garden’ concert with the Soprano Cristina Gasparetto and the international pianist Antonija Pacek

FIRENZE – On June 18th, starting at 8 p.m. in the park of the Hotel 500 in Calenzano, 10 minutes from Florence, Antonija Pacek, pianist and international composer will play some of her pieces accompanied by the soprano Cristina Gasparetto.

Antonija Pacek is a contemporary composer living in Vienna. Her passion for music began very early. “When I told my parents, at the age of six, that I had enrolled in music school, they were taken by surprise,” she recalls. Although her parents were modest people, her mother immediately took a second job to buy a piano for her daughter. Since then, the sound of the piano has been more than love at first sight: at the age of eleven she composed her first song, “Tamed Courage”, later included after many years on her debut album, Soul Colours.

Free Magazine writes about the charity concert in Florence

Hotel 500 presents: Music in the Garden, Concert with the Soprano Cristina Gasparetto and the international pianist Antonija Pacek

In the park of the Hotel 500 in Calenzano, 10 minutes from Florence, Antonija Pacek, pianist and international composer will introduce some of her pieces accompanied by the Soprano Cristina Gasparetto.
The designer Elisabetta Garinei will dress the protagonists of the evening, and also some beautiful art will be present thanks to some sculptures chosen by the gallery Il Forte Arte di Forte dei Marmi.
Also “My Boutonnière” will be presented. A portion of the tickets from the dinner and the concert will be donated to the Nuti Luca Association formed by Alessandra Gozzini Nuti after the disappearance of her husband, in favour of the research on neurogenerative diseases of prion origin.

“NEW AGE FOR EVERY AGE” concert, on the Island of Big Brijuni

As the host of the program, Matej Mestrovic invited two successful colleagues, deciding for an easy-listening and likeable expressions, the way he was himself always inclined to. Some call it the “new age” music, some neo-classical, but for him and the authors-performers he chose, Antonija Pacek, born in Osijek with the Viennese address, and Matthew Mayer from Omaha, it is first of all music full of emotion. This intimate and refined ambience, close to the film music, is uneasy to categorize and to force into the hallow genre terminology.

Days of Piano at Ulysses Theater

During the 19th season of Ulysses theatre, I am honoured to be a guest composer/pianist to one of Croatian greatest contemporary pianists and composers, Matej Mestrovic, on the island of Brijuni in Croatia this summer. The event will take place on Aug. 12th, 2019 at 9.00 pm at the island of Big Brijuni in the garden of the Ethnographic museum. Another guest will be Matthew Mayer from the USA, also a contemporary composer of new age music. For more information please go to

Concert on the island of Lopud

Join me for my concert at “Lopudske ljetne igre” (the island of Lopud’s summer festival-near Dubrovnik) in the church of St. Nichola, on 25.7.2019 at 9.00 pm. I will be playing compositions from my last two albums, “IL MARE” and “Soul Colours”.

Now an artist of SOLO PIANO

Today, I became an artist of solo founded by Matthew Mayer in the USA. Check out their webpage – they are featuring my two albums Life Stories and Il Mare. Be the first one to write a review for my albums.