Storytelling through music

Antonija’s Stories

Here I will share stories behind my music. I will be posting some of my memories, other artists’ music or just pictures that touch me deeply. Follow my blog to stay updated about any tour dates and new releases. 

Top 10 on HitPlaneta

For two days our song Ecstasy is the top 10 song on HitPlaneta radio program on muzyczne radio! We are very grateful.

RYL Dec. 2017, Issue no. 3 – “Music – Infinite Love”

Antonija Pacek, a psychologist, pianist, composer. This talented young lady has been building her professional career in Vienna. Direct and immediate, Antonija courageously entered the world of music, aware of her talents. Already in her childhood, she was surrounded by music, beauty, notes, which she has interwoven into her soul, and this has been coming out of her soul.

Her newest album “Life Stories” was published on June 11th, 2017, and it is an honest collections of her original songs. In “Life Stories”, Antonija chose compositions that signify her struggle with the deep losses as well as her travel toward happiness, joy and love of life itself.

“Life Stories” and the pop/dance version of the song “Ecstasy” is available on our market

on streaming and downloading platforms such as iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, Google Music.

Written by Anima Mundi
Photography from Antonija Pacek’s archive

Meeting Gerlinde Wallner from Radio Stephansdom

On  Jan. 5th 2018 at 05:30 pm my interview for Radio Stephansdom will be broadcasted. Gerlinde Wallner interviewed me with heartfelt questions. Radio Stephansdom started broadcasting music from the “Life Stories” album as of Nov. 30th, 2017.


Ecstasy Video – Antonija Pacek & Roberto Bedross feat. Barbara Kier

Our music video for Ecstasy is finally out. I would like to thank my great team for the great achievement.

You can get the music on amazon, iTunes & Spotify.


  • Music and lyrics by Antonija Pacek
  • Production by Roberto Bedross
  • Vocal – Barbara Kier
  • Filmed by Karlo Macas
  • Video production by Chiwa Media (cutting by Todd Iliev)
  • Beautiful models (and the couple) Laura H. and Roberto V.
  • Location: the island of Lopud, Sunj beach (island near Dubrovnik)

Radio broadcasting of my music

Twentysound Radio in Berlin and Radio Stephansdom in Vienna will be broadcasting Antonija’s album “Life Stories” as of Dec. 2017. Her neoclassical music has been broadcasted by Whispering Radio in USA and Shades of Classics in Canada since 2009. In the past several radios in Germany broadcasted her debut album “Soul Colours”, including famous Klassik Radio in Hamburg.

Making of “Ecstasy” Video

I am delighted to share a few photos taken by Karlo Maćaš as a sneak preview of the video spot for the song “Ecstasy” that is coming soon.  The song is from the “Life Stories” album, lyrics by me, remixed by Roberto Bedross, featuring Barbara Kier!
Please stay tuned…

Concert on the island of Lopud

Last weekend I had the honour to play a concert in the great Lafodia Hotel on the beautiful island of Lopud. It was a very special and inspiring atmosphere on the island which I really enjoyed.

Dramatic but happy

I would love to share the feedback with you that I received for my music.

What an AMAZING new album. I absolutely love it! I’ve been listening to it in my car and it is so very beautiful. I can hear the beauty of your soul in the music – so pure is the effect that the music seems to radiate light! I find it very hard to sit still listening to the tracks, they make me want to get up and dance.
Dr. Louisa Allen, New Zealand

I used to listen to it over and over again holding my daughter on my chest. I did this every day for the first few weeks of her life constantly crying of happiness. It felt to me like the perfect description of birth in piano notes. Just like birth, it is dramatic but happy at the same time. Since then it is a song that has always soothed her. She’s nearly two and I still use it to help her go to sleep when she struggles to. It’s magical!
Cristina Cruz, UK

Thank you Cristina & Louisa!