My label, Piano and Nature, sent to me this message that I would like to share with you

“Happy release day! Please see the general release link here:

It’s already added to Classical Music For Studying by Maestro Music:

We’ll also plant a tree for your release. So together, we’re helping nature and local farmers.
At this moment, we work with for planting trees. Several times a year, we’ll send our releases to OneTreePlanted, so they can plant the trees where they’re needed the most.

If you didn’t receive it already, you’ll receive a digital certificate or several digital certificates for the number of trees planted on your behalf! If you don’t like to receive the certificate, just let us know, the tree will be planted for your release anyway! With your help, we’ve already planted over 300 trees! More info: Thank you and speak to you soon!”

I am so happy that one tree will be planted with this release!