Partners & Friends

Partners & Friends

Special thanks to my family…

To my mother Slavica, who throughout her lifetime, deeply loved me, was a great supporter of my dreams and my music, and who bought me my very first piano with a lot of sacrifice;
To my husband Nenad and my three children for their endless love, support, patience, inspiration and encouragment.

… to my team for the finalization of Life Stories and IL MARE albums

I am deeply grateful to my amazing team that made the finalization and the launch of my Life Stories and IL MARE albums possible. Compositions from Life Stories and the newest album, Il Mare, were composed, performed, produced, recorded and mixed by Antonija Pacek.

Music for Life Stories and IL MARE albums were beautifully mastered by Davor Rocco. For “Aloft” on IL MARE album, cello was arranged by Davor Rocco and Antonija Pacek, feat. Neva Begovic on cello. For bonus track, “the Sea” on IL MARE, Barbara Kier is featured with her amazing and dreamy vocal.

In 2017 online marketing, social media as well as the creation of this website was done by Karin Gant. As of April 2018, marketing and social media done by Antonija.

Art for Life Stories by Michael Hofbauer (Chiwa Media). Art for IL MARE cover was created by Inge Funke.

Photography: cover for the Life Stories by Philipp Nemenz, cover for the IL MARE by Alina Pacek; the photo on this website home page by Matteo Nardone.

Global digital distribution for Life Stories and IL MARE albums by spinnup (Universal Music Group)


… and to my partners


Elisabetta Castiglioni

Elisabetta Castiglioni was my publicist and manager, who organized and accompanied me on my very first tour in Italy in April 2018 – it was a beautiful and unforgettable experience. Elisabetta also organized my concert with Susanna Montagna and Daniela Cavallini in Auditorium Parco della Musica in 2019., Elisabetta Castiglioni

For bookings please contact:

Autentico Music

Special thanks to George Garcia for signing my debut album Soul Colours with his label, Autentico Music, for publicizing it, and for believing in me.

Warner Chappell

My appreciation to Warner Chappell in Germany for giving me the opportunity to sign a music publishing contract for Soul Colours.