If you happen to be around Dubrovnik on June 30th, please come to Rector’s Place at 9.30 pm, as we will play concert under name Piano Maniacs Triathlon. It will a lot of fun and so many beautiful melodies played. A huge thanks to Darija Mikulandra i Jelena Marzic for organizing this concert as a part of Mid Summer Scene Festival in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Jutarnji list, a popular newspaper in Croatia wrote on May 31st: “A special musical desert for classical music listeners will be a concert from three globally renown pianists and composers “Piano Maniacs Triathlon”, that is Matej Mestrovic, Matthew Mayer and Antonija Pacek. They will perform the concert on June 30th at Rector’s Palace (Knezev Dvor) in Dubrovnik.”