“Hi Antonija, I’m still working my way properly and without distractions through your new album and have to say there are 2 compositions in particular which I am in love with. I love the whole album and it certainly takes me to different places at different times of the day. Thank you so much for your amazing compositions. Blown away yet again. Fantastic !!! ❤️

‘Life is…’ and ‘Spur of a moment’ are pretty much on repeat. Too beautiful for words and thought provoking in such amazing ways that I’m in awe. ‘Life is…’ started to play and it took me straight back to the night your composition ‘Almost Goodbye ‘ was played on Classic FM (London) and it woke me which I am still bewildered at. You’ve no idea how happy I am that somehow the beauty of it triggered the brain. I can’t recall any other musician being able to do that. Have a super evening 🙂 ❤

My response to Andy was:

“Dear Andy, thank you so much. I feel moved that you would choose these two compositions and thank you for your description how you feel about them. I am endlessly grateful for your sharing this with me. “Life Is…” is a musical vision of what life means for me. Life consists of ups and downs, learning and developing, simply beautiful and intense moments. I intentionally left the title open, so that everyone could define life for themselves while listening to the song. “Spur of a Moment” was created at a moment of happiness, when my heart was full of joy. If I get sad, I play this composition, and it gives me a sense of joy. I wanted to finish my album this uplifting, cheerful melody.

Thank you dear Andy, have a great weekend!