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Antonija’s Stories

Here I will share stories behind my music, will be posting pictures, upcoming concerts, or brief articles about my music. Follow my blog to stay updated about any tour dates and new releases.

Charity Concert in Schönau

The charity concert for kindergarten (Waldorf methodology) in Schönau. It was the evening of poetry and music. Barbara Zedlacher was reading her beautiful, heartfelt poems (inspired by some of my compositions), and I played chosen compositions from Life Stories and IL MARE albums.

Photography by Werner Daurer.

Concert in Bad Vöslau on 15.3. at 8.00 pm

Join us on Friday, March 15th at 8.00 pm where several different artist will perform during the evening. My concert will open the event at 8.00 pm. The event will take place in HOB I RAUM in Bad Vöslau, Hanuschgasse 1. The organizer wrote for my part: When the soul plays piano – a sea of emotions and dreams expresses the first artist from Oberwaltersdorf at the event on March 15th. Join us to hear this “sound cloud”!

Charity Concert in Schönau on 17.03.2019

“Benefiz-Abend” for Rudolf Stiner Landschule Schönau on March 17th, at 17 o’clock at the Fest Saal at the Rudolf Steiner Landschule Schönau (Kirchengasse 14). Barbara Zedlacher is the organizer of the event and will be reading poetry and I will be playing my compositions from IL MARE and Life Stories albums. Please join us to help raise the awareness of this unique school system and to make an impact that there are more enrolments happening in the future.

New VIDEO from the Auditorium concert

Please check out the newest video from the concert on 24.2. at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome. The video was recorded and produced by Claudio Ammendola. the paintings in the video are from Susanna Montagna. Enjoy it here 

Thank you Elisabetta for making the concert happen

To dear Elisabetta Castiglioni for envisioning and realizing the concert at the Auditorium, where I played the newest songs from my IL MARE album, and where Susanna Montagna’s beautiful paintings were projected, and Daniela Cavallini moderated the event, by reading her beautiful poems inspired by my compositions. Thank you for taking this photo as well, where I stand in front of the Auditorium just before my concert.

La Repubblica Roma Newspaper

I am grateful that the La Repubblica Roma Newspaper wrote about my upcoming concert in Auditorium parco della musica on 24.2.19 at 6.30 pm.

Thank you Free Magazine for promoting my upcoming concert in Rome

I am very grateful to Ale Musella and Free Magazine for writing a great article about my upcoming concert in Rome in Auditorium. The concert will take place on Feb. 24th, at 6.30 pm. I am really looking forward to premier my new album in Rome!

My music inspired new program on Twentysound radio

Twentysound radio in Berlin got partially inspired by my music to set up a new program, “Pianissimo”, dedicated to piano music only, as Mr. Schwarz wrote to me. Up to now, Twentysound radio did not have much focus on piano music, but on orchestrated compositions. As of this month, my music will be aired together with piano music from Shostakovich, Rachmaninov, Ravel, Chopin and Squiban. What a list! I feel deeply honoured and humble.

IL Quotidiano Del Lazio endorses my concert in Rome

Thank you Il Quotidiano Del Lazio from the region Lazio in Italy for publishing an article about my upcoming concert at the Auditorium in Rome. Daniela Cavallini will be moderating the event and Susanna Montagna’s beautiful paintings of waves and the sea will be projected. I look forward to the evening in Rome!

LEGGERE TUTTI magazine supports my concert at Auditorium

Antonija Pacek’s IL MARE in Rome reads the title. Antonija Pacek born in Croatia, Austrian by adoption, presents her third, highly anticipated album “Il Mare” in prestigious Italian Auditorium Parco della Musica on Sunday, Feb. 24th at 6.30 pm at the Studio theatre Gianni Borgna.

Thank you Donne Cultura Magazine

Title reads, Music in Rome-Composer and Pianist Antonija Pacek on Feb. 24th. I am grateful to Donne Cultura magazine for writing about my upcoming concert.


I am delighted to inform everyone that I will play a concert on 24.2.2019 (Sunday) at 6.30 pm at the Studio Gianni Borgna Theater at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome. Susanna Montagna’s beautiful and renown paintings of the sea and the waves will be projected during the concert! You may expect a few nice surprises there as well. Everyone who happens to be in Rome on that day is warmly invited to come.
The tickets will be sold via Ticket One as of Jan. 24th.

Concert in Bad Vöslau

On Jan. 11th, 2019 was supposed to be my concert, however, the date had a clash with the Ball in Bad Vöslau! The new date is given, and it will be on March 15th from 8.30 until 9.00 pm (I will present several songs from my newest album, IL MARE). During the evening on March 15th, there will be several artists presenting their music in HobiRaum in Bad Vöslau from 20.00 until 23.00. Come and join us for this colourful event!

STRONG will be broadcasted on Radio 101

Today at 10.00 pm during the “In The Mix” radio show, Slavin Balen will present “Strong” song on a prominent RADIO 101 in Zagreb, Croatia. Strong is feat. by Barbara Kier and was remixed by Roberto Bedross. Enjoy listening!

Impressions about IL MARE from Listeners

Dearest Antonija, I have just finished listening to your amazing new album.
I love it so much – your music is divine. All of the tracks are magical and I especially like Aloft (both versions). It is such a beautifully measured piece that tugs at my heart. There is a purity to it which I can only feel and not explain in words. I also love ‘Expecting Nina’ for its passion and pace.
Your personality is so deeply entwined in your music Antonija – it is like you are speaking to me when I hear these songs. Louisa A. from New Zealand

Liebe Antonija, mit grosser Begeisterung habe ich Ihre Musik gehört. So viele Gefühle, Zärtlichkeit und Liebe! Beim Hören will man träumen, lieben, lächeln. Ihre Musik bring uns Freude und Glück!
Velen Dank, Natalia aus Oberwaltersdorf (Dear Antonija, I listened to your music with great enthusiasm. So many feelings, tenderness and love! When listening to it you want to dream, love, smile. Your music brings us joy and happiness! Thank you so much, Natalia)

Antonija, your music is a gift for the soul. Not only relaxing, but also it makes you travel within yourself. The album IL MARE is very intimate. Daniela C. from Rome

The song Aloft is a pure magic. Elisabetta C. from Rome

Antonija’s music goes straight into my soul. I dream the dreams I once have had, and forgotten about them. Thank you! Katharina O. from Munich

INTERVIEW to be broadcasted on Klassik Radio on 13.12.

Dear friends and listeners, my interview with Gerlinde Wallner Petric will be broadcasted tomorrow, Dec. 13th, in the morning at 6.35 am and in the afternnon at 5.15 pm. I look forward to your impressions. My best wishes, Antonija

Interview at Klassik Radio Vienna

181213_Beitrag_Il_Mare_Pacek_Petric-Wallner I would like to thank to Gerlinde Petric-Wallner for the heartfelt interview at the Klassik Radio Vienna station today. The presentation of my newest album IL MARE and the upcoming concert in Vienna at the Kaisersaal in Kaiserstr. 10 will follow. In case you did not manage to listen to it on Dec. 14th. Please click on given link in blue to hear the broadcasted interview.

Today SPOTIFY started streaming IL MARE

Exciting news, as of this morning IL MARE is also on Spotify. Enjoy streaming it! Looking forward to impressions about the songs and the album.

La voce dell’Jonio article

Grateful for one more article about my upcoming album. Thank you dear Elisabetta Castiglioni for an amazing support and your magic touch to reach out Italian media!


Thank you for featuring my new CD at Live Your Live in Italy!

Comunicalo article

Thanks to Comunicalo for the article about the upcoming album “IL MARE”.

Oltre le colonne Information & Cultura article

Finally the last two songs are described here:
“Taste of Bitter” is a bitter and self-reflective song, which describes the turbulence and demons of Antonija’s facing the fact that both of her parents passed away within half a year, in such a short period of time. The song is heavy and sad, but inside there is a trace of hope.

“Worth Living For”, finally, was inspired by moments that flare up or make our life shine, “when people feel at home with some of my songs, when an unknown woman sends me a video of her child, who has been hypnotized by one of my songs, when my children make kind gestures, when I get sincere impressions from the audience after my concerts,… These are unforgettable moments full of gratitude, for which it is worth living!”

For a full article go to:

Murmur of Art post

The continuation of the stories of the album compositions:
“Back to Faith” reflects a moment in which you believe in yourself and your actions again. From that moment on, she felt a self-confidence to create new songs further and not to give up.
“Waiting”, in fact, remains a constant in the world of business. The song talks about waiting: we often have a lot of expectations but most of the time nothing happens. “Someone opens you a door or a window, and then closes it in front of your face. As a result, it is not always easy to preserve patience and even joy of continuing…” One needs to take things in own hands to make things happen.