Dearest Antonija, I have just finished listening to your amazing new album.
I love it so much – your music is divine. All of the tracks are magical and I especially like Aloft (both versions). It is such a beautifully measured piece that tugs at my heart. There is a purity to it which I can only feel and not explain in words. I also love ‘Expecting Nina’ for its passion and pace.
Your personality is so deeply entwined in your music Antonija – it is like you are speaking to me when I hear these songs. Louisa A. from New Zealand

Liebe Antonija, mit grosser Begeisterung habe ich Ihre Musik gehört. So viele Gefühle, Zärtlichkeit und Liebe! Beim Hören will man träumen, lieben, lächeln. Ihre Musik bring uns Freude und Glück!
Velen Dank, Natalia aus Oberwaltersdorf (Dear Antonija, I listened to your music with great enthusiasm. So many feelings, tenderness and love! When listening to it you want to dream, love, smile. Your music brings us joy and happiness! Thank you so much, Natalia)

Antonija, your music is a gift for the soul. Not only relaxing, but also it makes you travel within yourself. The album IL MARE is very intimate. Daniela C. from Rome

The song Aloft is a pure magic. Elisabetta C. from Rome

Antonija’s music goes straight into my soul. I dream the dreams I once have had, and forgotten about them. Thank you! Katharina O. from Munich