Mile grazie caro Mic Cennamo for the beautiful article in Pianeta Salute magazine about my upcoming album “Forever”.

Here is an excerpt translated from italian: “A little light in these pandemic days is brought by the long-awaited album “Forever” by Antonija Pacek, which will be released on October 23, 2020 by Parma Recordings – Navona Records. Antonija approached the music with an open heart, sincerely pouring emotions into every single composition on the album. It is this understanding and empathy with the current, difficult situation in which many find themselves due to the corona-pandemic, has enabled, a certain kind of maturation of Antonija’s own creativity, to find a new musical language in the existing one. “I believe that something in me was looking for balance, on the one hand it was empathy for people who face hardship because of illness or lost jobs, and on the other it was an inner need for something cheerful and relaxing as a counterweight to this sad and difficult. I hope this album will be a kind of therapy for others. Honestly, when I write music, it’s a kind of therapy for me as well “, Antonija told us.”